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The International Journal of Antibiotics and Probiotics is a forum for the exchange of scientific information in areas such as antimicrobial resistance, the use of antibiotics and probiotics in Human medicine, veterinary, agriculture and agro-industrial complex, food production, antibiotic contamination of environment (soil and water).

The Journal publishes original articles, reviews, short messages, recommendations for practitioners, case studies, information about scientific forums. Advantage is given to research work that includes new results from clinical and experimental research in various fields of science that take into account the principles of "One Health".

A distinguishing feature of the Journal  is that it publishes not only clinical but also experimental studies, which in future can become the basis for the development of new methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infectious diseases, including caused by antibiotic-resistant microorganisms.

The editorial board welcomes reviews that analyze the current international publications, which allows us to assess the state of the problem. Particular attention is paid to reporting on clinical cases that are of interest to the international scientific medical community. For practical doctors, the Journal  publishes works that offer innovative treatments for patients, new technological developments. The journal also publishes analytical materials of international congresses, congresses and conferences with a summary of the most significant messages.

The editorial board does not charge for the publication of original articles and does not accept commercial articles. The lack of financial obligations to the authors allows the editorial staff to conduct an independent publishing policy and select only high-quality works.

The journal publishes articles in Ukrainian, Russian and English. In order to get a better acquaintance with the published materials of specialists who do not speak English, the Journal contains a more detailed summary of each original article in Ukrainian and Russian.

The editor-in-chief of the Journal and members of the editorial board are well-known scientists, highly skilled professionals working in the countries of Europe, America and Asia.

All publications are previewed and carefully selected. Review of manuscripts is carried out by independent experts, which are determined by the editorial board of the Journal. The high standards of review, that adopted in the journal, allow the publication of articles of a rather high scientific level.

Despite the high demands placed on published materials, the editorship is pursuing a policy of support for young authors, as well as graduate students and postgraduate students who seek to publish their work, providing comprehensive assistance in preparing manuscripts. Scientific articles of postgraduate students of the last year study, provided that they are fully compliant with the requirements of the editorial board, are published in advance after the review.

The Journal is distributed in different countries of the world. The journal readers are specialists in the fields of human medicine, veterinary, agriculture, agro-industrial complex, pharmacists, microbiologists, students, postgraduate students/doctoral students and scientific and pedagogical staff of higher educational institutions, scientists of research institutions and other interested organizations.

The editors of the Journal considers the priority direction of the development of inclusion in the world abstract databases, Scopus, EBSCO and others.

We kindly invite authors to cooperation, we are waiting for interesting and relevant articles.

Aidyn Salmanov,
Editor-in-Chief of «International Journal of Antibiotics and Probiotics»